Maximize tv commercials effectiveness

TV Tracking can help you increase your online sales by synchronizing your online campaigns with the broadcast time of any TV commercials.

TV Tracking is for you

If you manage a marketing agency and you want to monitor your online and TV campaigns in real time, or you either are responsible for your company’s marketing or own a company that doesn’t use TV commercials but wants to increase its online sales, then TV Tracking is a solution for you!

Monitor TV commercials broadcast

Unlike imprecise media plans, TV Tracking offers access to a complete TV commercials database. Thanks to precise reports, you can check whether your TV commercial has actually been broadcasted at the appointed time and on the selected TV channel.

Optimize your TV commercials budget

Do you know at what time and on which channel broadcasts of your TV commercial draw the most customers to your business? Thanks to our tool you can check that! Basing on real data, you can optimize your TV campaigns budget, and profitably assign costs.

Synchronize online and TV campaigns

The Sync feature of TV Tracking enables you to start your online campaigns exactly when any selected TV commercial is being broadcasted. Thanks to this option you can automate your online campaigns (Display, Search, Social) on AdWords, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Facebook, VKontakte and Yandex.Display ad networks basing on TV commercials.

Use TV commercials of your competitors

You don’t need to have TV marketing campaigns to use TV Tracking, and at the same time increase your online sales. You can always synchronize your online campaigns with TV commercials of your competitors from the industry.

Własne dane

Our data

OWAPro TV Tracking as an independent source of tracking assures accuracy of gathered data.

Pełna integracja

Full integration

We integrate ad networks and connect products – you can use Google’s tracking, OWAPro analytics, start display campaigns in DoubleClick – all in just one app.

Wsparcie techniczne

Technical support guarantees technical support: you can consult your problems with our Support Team, and you will also have access to technical manual and instruction videos.

We track every broadcast

Thanks to OWAPro TV Tracking, we are able to precisely determine when and on which channel a selected TV commercial has been broadcasted. Data concerning the most frequently broadcasted TV commercial on German television channels of the last week are presented below.

We monitor tv commercials in 7 countries

TV Tracking tracks all TV commercials in the countries listed below:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • France
  • the Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Russia
Reports generated by the TV Tracking tool created by have given us vital information and let us objectively evaluate the results of our marketing campaigns. Conclusions drawn on the basis of these reports will enable us to effectively plan our future TV campaigns and optimally use our marketing campaigns budget.
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Thanks to SEMPro our customers can find the most attractive offers of the flight route they are searching for. Ads are generated automatically basing on our current promotions.’s individually fitted solution is optimally suited to the dynamics of tourism industry.
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