Manage your tracking tags in compliance with GDPR

Our app offers you easy management of your ad partners' tracking tags implemented on your website, all in compliance with GDPR.

What will you get using Tag Manager

Are you a person responsible for online marketing in your company, or you’re a marketer dealing with your clients ads on various ad networks? If yes, then you know exactly how long it takes to implement tracking tags. OWAPro Tag Manager gives you a complete control over tracking tags on your website and it works in accordance with GDPR.

GDPR compliant

Our app ensures compliance with GDPR in terms of tracking visitors of your website. Using OWAPro Tag Manager you can set selected tracking tags to be fired on your website only after you will have a visitor’s acceptance. Moreover, your visitors will get an option of resigning from being tracked by a given advertising partner.

Manage external ad partners tags

Thanks to OWAPro Tag Manager you will no longer have to wait for your company’s IT team to implement tracking tags. You can easily and quickly manage external tags yourself, without the need to assign tasks to your IT support.

Make your website load faster

Our tool won’t let any tracking tag slow down loading time of your website. Using OWAPro Tag Manager you can quickly set priority order of triggered tags firing. You can also monitor the current status of all your tracking tags.

Edytor wizualny

Visual editor

Creation of tags becomes much simpler with the help of templates and an intuitive interface which is convenient to use regardless of any high expectations.



OWAPro Tag Manager is our in-house developed solution which is as effective as Google Tag Manager, and it is also resistant to software which blocks ads and ad partners cookies.

Wsparcie techniczne

Technical support guarantees technical support: you can consult your problems with our Support Team, and you will also have access to technical manual and instruction videos.

Always compliant with GDPR

OWAPro Tag Manager will help you comply with GDPR through automatically displayed banners asking visitors to your website whether they accept processing of their data.

Moreover, our app offers you the possibility to manage ad partners tracking tags and lets you determine whether your visitors should give their explicit consent to setting up a given cookie.

Our visual editor will enable you to set form of your cookie consent banner, which needs to be displayed on your website. The set of default settings will make your work much faster.

Check how our solution – cookie banner template – works.

Cookie banner on your website (in a form of a pop-up window, or top/bottom bar).

Precise reports with all cookies blocked by your visitors.

Verify your tags

OWATag Assistant is a simple and intuitive browser plug-in which enables you to verify whether our tracking tag has been implemented correctly.

Additionally, our plug-in displays the list of all triggered tracking tags and information gathered on a selected web page, as well as informs about required modifications.


Available for: Firefox and Chrome

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