Online shop positioning

Thanks to our website positioning app, you can promote your online shop and increase sales as a result of a better visibility in Google search engine.

Increase your organic traffic

Do you own an online shop, but your web pages don’t appear in search results? Our app –SEOCMS enables you to easily position your website, without the need to technically change its source code. Thanks to our app, you can better promote your shop and increase your sales.

Create unique landing pages

Using SEOCMS, you can add optimized web pages with just a one click and our self-learning algorithm will “fill” their contents with the best suited products. Thanks to SEOCMS, you can optimize every attribute of your products. Moreover, our detailed statistics will enable you to manage your products more efficiently.

Increase your online sales

Web pages created by our team provide the visitors, i.e. potential customers, with exactly what they are looking for. While optimizing a web page to make it interesting for visitors, we are focusing on key metrics. By increasing traffic to your landing page we are, at the same time, increasing the number of visitors who are interested in buying your products.

Simple and fast integration

Our app adjusts to the structure of your website. Module structure of SEOCMS lets you use any already existing functionalities of online shops, such as: product grouping, own search engine, mobile version, or AMP version. Moreover, we make sure web pages created by our app adequately reflect the structure of the original shop.

Wersja AMP

AMP version

With the help of SEOCMS we create unique web pages in the Google AMP technology – without any changes of your infrastructure and current solutions.

Poznaj użytkowników

Complete statistics

A complex analysis of your web page traffic and sales will help you choose the right direction during your website optimization.

Wsparcie techniczne

Technical support guarantees technical support: you can consult your problems with our Support Team, and you will also have access to technical manual and instruction videos.


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