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Integrate online campaigns from various ad networks, create new ones and manage all of them in one place.

Online campaigns managing system

SEMPro is an app created for big companies which advertise their services and products on many ad networks, and for marketing companies managing large campaigns. Our app enables you to easily and quickly manage hundreds of campaigns. Thanks to its additional features you can lower your costs and increase effectiveness of your campaigns.

Automatic structure and its segmentation

Our app offers automatic structure generation of shopping campaigns – their optimized arrangement increases their sale success. What is more, our structure segmentation, which is not available in any other app, enables easier, convenient and better ads management.

Fast mass changes

Thanks to SEMPro’s Bulk Change feature you can apply mass changes, such as bidding, locations settings, modifications of hundreds of ad text, keywords, etc. in a fast and easy way. Moreover, Bulk Change guarantees that no costly errors will appear and saves a lot of your time.

Tasks automation

Scheduled Tasks is SEMPro’s innovative feature which enables automation of various tasks performed on campaigns. E.g. you can set bids changes depending on how well selected products sell, and SEMPro will automatically raise or drop selected bids for you while sending you regular reports.

Individual solutions

Using SEMPro, you can set automatic maintenance of your campaigns during sales or holiday seasons, e.g. during Black Friday. Our app automatically and quickly “reacts” to changes in potential customers’ behavior and promotes adequate products increasing your sales.



SEMPro allows for implementation of dedicated, individual solutions improving the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.



Any modifications of your campaigns are fast and safe thanks to the direct access to APIs of ad networks, such as: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yandex.Direct.

Wsparcie techniczne

Technical support guarantees technical support: you can consult your problems with our Support Team, and you will also have access to technical manual and instruction videos.

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Excellent integration

We ensure full integration of online marketing accounts created on ad networks such as: Google AdWords, Bing Ads or Yandex.Direct. All campaigns are accessible in one app and visible in a standardized form.

Reports generated by the TV Tracking tool created by have given us vital information and let us objectively evaluate the results of our marketing campaigns. Conclusions drawn on the basis of these reports will enable us to effectively plan our future TV campaigns and optimally use our marketing campaigns budget.
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Wojciech Topolewski S.A.

Thanks to SEMPro our customers can find the most attractive offers of the flight route they are searching for. Ads are generated automatically basing on our current promotions.’s individually fitted solution is optimally suited to the dynamics of tourism industry.
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Marie-Estelle Kranz

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