All your marketing data in one place

Synchronize and compare data from selected ad networks in one app. Thanks to our tool, the analysis of effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns becomes much easier and clearer.

Innovative data-analysis system

Our system will enable you to easily analyze your marketing data gathered from various ad networks, thanks to compiling it in one place. Moreover, we can adapt our reporting tool to your individual needs. Quality of our offer is based on our unique experience in the IT industry which we have been improving for more than several years now.

Customers who are about to buy your products

Check what groups of internet users visited your website and were about to buy some products but never bought anything. Using our app, you can reach out to these groups with the right ad. Our system enables you to create user profiles and send information about them to external marketing partners: DoubleClick, AppNexus, etc.

Optimize your budget

Verify how much you are spending on ads that draw new customers to your business and how much you spend on generating a single sale. Thanks to our app, you will get a complete control over your online ads costs. You can integrate costs from various ad networks (e.g. AdWords, Facebook) in the OWAPro app and efficiently optimize your marketing budget.

Specify each ads’ share in sales

If you don’t want to use the Last-Click attribution model, you can attribute the real sales value to the sources (channels) of visits to your website. OWAPro offers you a conversion attribution model which is based on the real data from your website. Conversion Attribution to the actual channels is currently becoming a standard – so don’t hesitate to switch to this approach.

Filtruj ciasteczka

Filter out cookies

You can block cookies of affiliate marketing partners when these cookies are disrupting the correct conversion funnel.

Pozbądź się duplikatów

Get rid of duplicates

A conversion tag is triggered multiple times during one sale, but in our reports you will be presented with only one, actual conversion.

Poznaj użytkowników

Know your visitors

A complex behavior analysis of your website visitors will help you choose the right direction during your website optimization.

Reports generated by the TV Tracking tool created by have given us vital information and let us objectively evaluate the results of our marketing campaigns. Conclusions drawn on the basis of these reports will enable us to effectively plan our future TV campaigns and optimally use our marketing campaigns budget.
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Thanks to SEMPro our customers can find the most attractive offers of the flight route they are searching for. Ads are generated automatically basing on our current promotions.’s individually fitted solution is optimally suited to the dynamics of tourism industry.
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